NintendoSwitch The Crimson Flower that Divides: Lunar Coupling

Playing Manual

Nintendo Switch™ "The Crimson Flower that Divides: Lunar Coupling" User's Manual

Basic Operation

button Operation Explanation
Direction Button Move cursor
Direction Up Button Display Mode Panel
L Stick Button Move cursor
A Button Confirm/Next Text
B Button Cancel/Deactivate Skip Mode/Hide Text Window
Y Button Show System Menu
X Button Show Backlog
L Button Turn Auto Mode On/Off
R Button Turn Skip Mode On/Off
+ Button Quick Save
- Button Quick Load
R Stick Button Not used
ZL Button Not used
ZR Button Not used

How to play the game


"The Crimson Flower that Divides: Lunar Coupling" is an adventure game in which the player progresses through the text.
The story branches off by selecting choices.

Title Menu

Select with the direction up button down button and L stick up/down, and press A to confirm the selection.

Section Description
Start Start the game from the beginning.
Load Moves to the screen for loading saved data.
System You will be taken to a config screen where you can change the name of the main character and various other settings.
Extra You can browse the gallery and glossary as you progress through the game.
Special You can view special content such as later stories and novellas.
Manual Moves to the simple manual screen.

Adventure Scene

When the story is read by pressing the A button or tapping the screen, choices will appear and you can choose what the main character will say or do.
It then branches off into routes to each of the attacking characters.

Depending on the outcome of your choice,
you may suffer a tragic fate....

System Menu

Press Y bottom to display the system menu.

Section Description
Save You can save at the current location.
Load You can load previously saved data, auto-saves, etc.
Config Various settings can be changed.
Dictionary You can browse the glossary according to the progress of the game.
Title Return to the title screen.

Mode Panel

Flick the screen from top to bottom or press the direction up button to display the mode panel.

Section Description
AUTO Auto mode can be turned on or off.
SKIP You can jump to the next chapter or to an option.
Q.SAVE Quick Save is available.
Q.LOAD Quick Load is available.
スピーカーマーク Play the displayed voice again.

About the Back Log screen


Press X Button to display the backlog.


Button Description
Direction Left button You can resume from the currently selected scene on the backlog screen.

Voice SAVE

Button Description
Y Button
スピーカーマークOnly logs marked with)
You can save individual voiced lines.
Saved voices can be played back from the Voice Collection, which is accessed from the Extra menu in the title menu.

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