Transcending time and opening the door to enthralling love
affairs with handsome boys from the Meiji period.

“Meiji Tokyo Renka Full Moon” (also known as “Meikoi”)
is a historical romance fantasy game in which the main character travels back in
time to the Meiji era and meets and falls in love with the great figures of history.


  • 2024.06.10
    Physical version bonus pre-order information for Nintendo Switch has been updated.[URL]
  • 2024.05.30
    Steam's product page for "Meiji Tokyo Renka Full Moon" is now available.[URL]
  • 2024.05.20
    Otome Game "Meiji Tokyo Renka Full Moon", is now available on Nintendo Switch&Steam.
    The scheduled release date is October 3, 2024.
  • 2024.99.99

Product Information

Software for Nintendo Switch™ / Steam
Meiji Tokyo Renka Full Moon

  • Genre
    Otome Game
    (Text Adventure)
  • Release date
    Releasing Scheduled for October 3, 2024
  • Rating
  • Original
  • illustration
  • Scenario Writer
    Yukiko Uozumi
  • Language
    Language: Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese) ※Voice in Japanese only
Language: 日本語 | English | 繁體中文 | 简体中文