Streaming Guideline

Thank you for choosing dramatic create (HuneX Co., Ltd) game products.
We have established the following guidelines about posting, streaming and live broadcasting of PlayStation4 and Nintendo Switch games titles.
Please read them carefully before posting or streaming your videos and make sure that your videos comply with below guidelines.


For the most part of products sold under this brand are Visual Novel games.
Due to the nature of these products, please refrain from uploading unedited videos or still images.
We recommend you that you include your own feelings or thought while experiencing the game in your videos.
Also, we reserve the right to request deletion of any videos that the original creator determined as guideline violation.
Priority shall be given to the original creator’s latest terms and conditions.

2.Terms of Use

Only for noncommercial purposes, you may post or stream within the following terms.

①Titles which a demo version is distributed are limited to the gameplay of the demo.
②Titles that do not include a demo version are limited to the platform-side recording function.

※Please do not stream titles in which a demo version is not currently available or in which recording part is not defined.

3.Prohibited Matter

・We do not grant permission to stream blocked parts or beyond the trial version.
・Please refrain from sharing any spoilers, summaries or developments of the story over the trial version.

※If any content violates the above terms and content that inadvertently degrades the work, or content that is intended to damage or insult the work, We will request the deletion whether it is commercial or non-commercial.

4.Complementary Information

・No prior permission application is required for both corporate and individual.
・If you wish to officially stream your video, please submit a permission application using the inquiry form.
・If another company manages the music copyright , please do not include the corresponding parts in your video.
・We assume no responsibility for any inconveniences caused to you by these guidelines.
・Please include a statement in the video that you are in accordance with these Guidelines.

Issued August 23, 2022